Some Tally field can not be mapped simple answer

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re fine.

I’m facing an issue who blows my mind. There is absolutely no way that is possible, or am i missing something.

To be short, I’m basically doing a form in tally that i map with google doc in a templates. Nothing extraordinary until now.

But as you can see on the screenshot. The output give properly the answer BUT THERE IS EMPTY IN SOME MAPPING BLOCK. :sob: :triumph:

I might find every possibility i can’t find the solution.

If there is any people who already faced this issue. please give me the reason :pray:

Thanks for your help in advance !

It appears that you edited the Tally form field names after you created the scenario. This appears to have also changed the variable names, that is why the variables with old names are empty.

Make sure you do not edit the Tally form after creating a scenario.

I suggest deleting the module, adding a new one in, and send new data through by clicking Run Once.

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