Store JSON data on link in Make

I have no clue if this is possible so I thought I’d ask here.

I’m trying to make a shortcut on iOS that would have a dynamic list of my current projects. I have a scenario that updates the list of current projects I was wondering if there was a way to use Data Store to keep a record of the 10 latest projects that then could be accessed via a JSON link.

In iOS Shortcuts, I can use an HTTP request to get the list, I’m just trying to find a place that can update and host the list of projects.

Hey @cre8iongroup ,

If I understand correctly you want to use an URL from make to provide JSON data which you stored in a data store before. You can do this by using the “webhook” module.
Simply do the following:

  • Store any kind of JSON data in a data store in scenario #1
  • Make a new scenario, and use the “Custom webhook” as trigger
  • Now search records in your data store to find the earlier saved JSON
  • Finally finish the scenario with a “Custom webhook response” module, and in the body use the JSON you retrieved from the data store.

Hope this helps you. If you have more questions let me know.

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Thanks Bjorn. I was missing the trigger because in my mind I wanted to have it all in an existing scenario that already had a trigger.

Essentially I’m loading the data into the data store. Then the webhook trigger asks for the data from the data store and then the webhook response returns the data. But I can use the data store to keep the information from the other scenario stored.

I also looked into doing this with a google sheets script webapp but I like the idea of having things in Make and more graphical. With google I was still going to have to figure out how to only return 10 items vs the entire list.

Thank you for your help!

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