Stripe Invoice

Hi ! I try to create a simple invoice, but I can not get the items to be added correctly.

On my Create Invoice module when I select the Exclude Pending Invoice Items Behavior option
I always get a 0.00 invoice without any item. ? Why is this happening even that I have the Create an invoice item module??

When I try to change the option to Include Pending Invoice Items Behavior then i get all previous items created on one invoice…

Anyone ? I can’t find the solution anywhere

Hi @Alex3,

This is how Stripe Invoicing works.

I.e if you are using, Include Pending Invoice Items Behavior, then it will grab all the pervious Pending Items and merge them in a single Invoice.

And, When using Exclude Pending Invoice Items Behavior, it will ignore those.

Can you explain exactly what you are trying to do with this?

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Thanks for your reply, I just need to create a new invoice with new item every time.

So I should select Exclude Pending Invoice Items Behavior But when I do so, the invoice created without any item…