Creating more than one invoice item

Hi folks,
I am using stripe and a no code platform called glide.

People order real estate sign posts and lockboxes.

I have a webhook sent from glide when a new order is created. I then want to create an invoice.

I guess I need to create invoice items before creating an invoice. The issue is, what if I have multiple invoice items? Is there a way to create multiple “stripe create invoice items” modules dynamically depending on the number of items that come through (or maybe I set a number during checkout that gets pushed through)

Hey @Andre_Pasche,

Have you tried using the iterator module? If Gilde returns an array of items, you can use that to create an invoice item for each one.

Hope this was helpful!

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It depends how your data is collected. You can run the iterator but it will iterate ALL steps after create invoice item. So you will end up creating an invoice for each item instead of an invoice with multiple items.

I am facing the same issue and apparently it hasn’t been resolved.