Stripe Multiple Lines in One Invoice

I have a scenario where getting new rows from Sheets and I want to create 1 invoice with all the lines.
Here are the steps in the scenario:

  1. Sheets new row trigger (brings in 2)
  2. Search Stripe for customer ID
  3. Creates invoice items
  4. Creates invoice

I didn’t include the step to finalize the invoice.

So if I sent two rows of data where row 1 is $10 w/desc Item 1 and row 2 w/desc Item 2 is $20.

When the scenario triggers, everything after the trigger runs twice.

So instead of creating one invoice with two items, it creates two invoices each one has its own item.

I need some help figuring out what modules I’m missing in between.

Hi. You need first create the invoice or:

  1. Aggregate the items from Sheet and create a new json to send the data.

Here is the explanation about how use aggregators:

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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Thanks for the reply! I did reverse the steps where I created the invoice first, then created the items but after that it still created 1 invoice for each item.

So the alternative solution would be to get all the data, pass it to Stripe through an API correct? If so, I’ll take a look @ the Stripe documentation.