Stripe Module for Make api keys issue

Okay so Make says, you have to use restricted keys to access Stripe as of last month because basic keys are getting depreciated.

Great, no worries I will use a restricted key. OOPS when I run the scenario:

The scenario was initialized.
The operation failed with an error. The provided key ‘rk_live_*********************************************************************************************gpeb8B’ does not have the required permissions for this endpoint on account ‘acct_********hoBH’. This is a restricted API key, but the required permissions are not available for use by restricted keys.
The scenario was finalized.

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Hi @Greyson_Schwing,

Where did you get that basic keys are getting deprecated? I can still create API keys in Stripe and add them in Make.

For the restricted key, did you enable all resources?

Have you tried to setup the connection with the OAuth option?


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