Synch subscribers beetwem PrestaShop and MailerLite

I am looking for the possibility to synchronize the list of email subscribers from the PrestaShop store with MailerLite, using the Make tool.
I need the following ability to automatically synchronize:

  • adding email addresses of subscribers from PrestaShop to MailerLite
  • removing from the list of subscribers in PrestaShop people who have unsubscribed using the link “Delete me from subscribers list”

Does Make provide such possibilities? I would appreciate if you could point out the solution which is best to take to start with.

I have <1000 email addresses and am a beginner. Thank you!

Welcome to the Make community!

You’ll need a filter to check if event is “created” (new customer)


Since PrestaShop doesn’t have a “Delete Customer” module yet, you’ll need to make an API call to the DeleteCustomerRowAction endpoint.


For more information, see Actions reference :: PrestaShop Developer Documentation


Here are some useful links and guides you can use to learn more on how to use the Make platform, apps, and app modules. I found these useful when I was learning Make, and hope they might benefit you too —


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