The Zendesk module "Update ticket" opens my ticket and assign it when it shouldn't

Hello !

Here is my scenario, the general idea is to update a custom field in my zendesk ticket with the country of the requester that I get from the ticket metada, the objective is that all my incoming ticket (“status” : new) are updated with the country of the requester.

The steps are :

  1. Catch a webhook when a Zendesk ticket is created
  2. GET request to get ticket audits/metadata “country”
  3. Parse the output of the metada
  4. Get the ticket concerned
  5. Update a custom field from the ticket with the output of 3.

The issue is that when I get my ticket on step 4. it’s status in “new” and no agent is assigned to it (as it should be) but when I update the “country” property on step 5, the output shows that the ticket is now “open” and assigned to an agent, even if I specify at step 5. that I want the status to be “new” and I didn’t assign it to anyone.

Any idea why it behaves like this and how I could prevent this status update and agent assignment from happening ?

Thank you very much !

Maybe that is how the Zensdesk works, What you can do and test it out and see if that works is,

Map the Assignee ID and Status from the value you get from Get a Task Module, or best pass ignore as part of those values.

Screenshot from 2023-06-18 15-28-12


Hey, thanks a lot for your answer !

I tried your solutions, both didn’t work but I found the cause of the problem, it was indeed a Zendesk issue : another trigger in Zendesk was causing the assignment/opening the ticket when it was updated by the API. I changed the conditions of this particular trigger to exclude updates made by APIs and the scenario now works as expected.


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Hello there @hugoclrz welcome to the community :wave:

I just wanted to quickly step in and say great work figuring out what was causing this on your own! Also, thanks a lot for stepping back into the community and sharing what did the trick for you. I’m sure this will be incredibly helpful to many folks who stumble upon similar issues in the future.

Just FYI: I am marking your last comment as a solution to keep the community tidy and to make it easier for other users to find the answer they need. :white_check_mark: