TimeOutError on a watch database items on Notion

Hello everyone, I’ve been experiencing an error in my workflow for a few days that didn’t exist before.

I have several workflows whose trigger is a Notion “watch database items” module which monitors the same Notion Database each time.

For a few days now, I’ve been getting a new “TimeOutError”, even when I launch the workflow manually.

The Database is quite large, so I’ve deleted several properties and items, but to no avail, I keep getting the same error.
I’ve tried a new connection and different rights management but nothing has changed…

Have you encountered this problem before?

This is a known issue on Notion’s end, and we cannot do anything about it except to complain to Notion support. For more information, see Notion API bad gateway - #14

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Thx for your answer @samliew. I have also contacted Notion support. Wait and see.