Todoist Issue

Steps :footprints:
1 I searched for the Todoist module
2 I chose the “New Event” Instant trigger
3 I Created a new webhook and named it
4 I Made my Group Tasks & chose to watch all events.

Problem :question:
When I go to my Todoist account and I do something like create a task or edit a task my Todoist module does not trigger at all. This was working just fine for me yesterday and now out of know where it is not working.

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Hi @jaredryanwright,

Can you confirm that the Watch Events “Select All” is checked in your webhook settings? From the screenshot, it seems nothing has been selected thus causing the issue.

You can edit the Webhook and check to Select ALL.


@Runcorn Yes I have confirmed that the select all have been chosen

Hi, I’m having the same issue. I ticked all boxed on the New event module. When setting it up, it announces me that the webhook has been attached for me.

When adding/updating a task in Todoist, no triggers happens.

I’m wondering if there’s an issue on Todoist as I can’t retrieve the webhook address when clicking on “Copy URL”.

Anybody solved this ?

FYI, Here’s something you can check to confirm if records are moving or not from Todoist to Make. I thought my webhook for Todoist was not working yesterday when I was testing this feature out. I thought it wasn’t working because data was not flowing to the next module in my scenario. Today I discovered that the webhook has a queue and that I had 50 records from Todoist stuck in it (I’m still left with two issues - why the records didn’t flow to the next module and how to get the stuck records unstuck).

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hi the watch events trigger is not working at all! any updates?

Hello there @Chris4 welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks a lot for raising this here, we really appreciate it.

However, this seems like an issue that requires a thorough investigation which is something the community does not really have the tools for. For that reason, I would recommend opening a ticket with us.

Our support team is equipped with all the necessary tools for diving into technical issues in greater detail, and there are established processes in place to potentially escalate any identified bugs to our development team.

Thank you :pray:

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i have the same issue here, opened a ticket with support