TodoIst - Prevent Duplicate Project Creation

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I’ve got a use case where make is watching a notion DB for new items added.
Currently it is set to Get a DB but I’ll change it to watch once I’ve got the workflow correct.


Where I’m running into a issue, is I want it to perform a check to make sure the project does not already exist within todoist. If it does, It won’t pass through the filter, and as a result, won’t create the project.

What it currently does each time it loops through each item, it creates a duplicate project in todoits since it’s found a matching query from previous modules.

How can I prevent this from making the duplicate projects?

Hi. I did not see your entire code flow but a good strategy is create a field in Notion to store the todoIst project ID. This way you can filter your query search in the Notion to only get the records with no TodoIst project ID.

Thanks, Helio!
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I can see that you are trying to prevent the duplicate by comparing the Project Name. However, the filter is applied to check each item from List project module in Todoist and that where it is failing.

Ideally what you should do is, aggregate the Todoist output by Name in an Array and use Contains function. If the project name is already there then the Contains function will return True else False. and based on this output you should set up the filter.

Here is a quick video solution;

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