Trello due date on card & green api

Goal: Trello-Card is due → Send message in Green api

Hi friends, I built an automation that shows me all the custom fileds of my cards in Tarello.

I want to create a trigger that as soon as the DUE date arrives will send a message in Green api
There should be another additional trigger, I will define Dropdown custom fileds
where I will have
message 1
message 2
message 3

And as soon as the duw date arrives, then you will send him a message according to the custom filed that I will set in the dropdown
Of course I will do several separate automations and in different lists I will set a different message.
The question is how do I add these triggers.

I can’t seem to get a due date as a trigger… I already tried first watching a card and

this is a filter for the due date i trying to trigger,

I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to set it up correctly

Thank you in advance!