Trigger is buggy (Choose Where to Start)

Hi all,

My first post in the community. I have a backup scenario that I use and trigger manually when the active scenario fails. The issue is that when I right click on the trigger module → Choose where to start-> the option “Since specific ID” doesn’t pop the field to enter the ID:

So I have to click on another option and then back on the specific ID option for the field to pop up.

I enter the id and run the scenario, but it will start from Row 2. Then I have to run it 1 or 2 more times for the id I need to take. This never happened with Integromat and has cost me many operations.

Any suggestions or ideas???


I tested it with a couple of my sheets, and it is working fine. Try it a few times, and it should be on track.

Because so many times, we experienced that the Choose Where to Start has some backlog from the previous setup and follow that until the queue is cleared.

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@Manish_GrowwStacks I appreciate your response. I’ve tried it many times now. I run thousands of operations daily and it continuously happens…every day.

I’m wondering if when you right click and select “Choose where to start” do you see in the “Since specific ID” option the id field or do you have to select another option and reselect “Since specific ID” in order for the id field to show? In Integromat the field showed up immediately.

It seems that someone fixed it…who ever it was…thank you!

Hello @Baruch_Pappo welcome to the community :wave:

Awesome to hear that this has been resolved! I’ll go ahead and :white_check_mark: mark your final comment as the solution to the original question. It helps keep the community organized :blush: