Trying to connect to Instagram for business and getting this error (#10) Application does not have permission for this action

Just started happening to me too. What is the fix/workaround please?

Hi Everyone, anyone make it work? Trying to connect here and not working, same issue!

Hi @Evian_Bononi welcome to the Make Community :wave:

Just sharing a bit of info that could be helpful when trying to resolve this.

The error message “The operation failed with an error. (#10) Application does not have permission for this action (10, OAuthException)” on Instagram typically indicates that the application you are using does not have the necessary permissions to perform the requested action.

This error can occur when an application is trying to access a user’s Instagram account and perform an action on their behalf, such as posting a photo or retrieving user data. To perform these actions, the application needs to have the appropriate permissions granted by the user.

To fix this error, you should ensure that the application has been authorized with the correct permissions. You can do this by checking the application’s settings within your Instagram account and granting any necessary permissions that may be missing.

Please refer to the reference documentation for the Facebook account that can perform admin-equivalent tasks on a Facebook Page that has been connected to the Instagram account you want to access.


@Michaela the PPA Facebook page you reference is useless in solving this problem. I’m having this issue now. Maybe Make could create documentation for this?

Additionally the last two pages you shared are developer pages for Meta, do we need to make an API call to make these changes?

Hello @andyoneil

I’m sorry to hear that you found the information I shared unhelpful. The Page Publishing Authorization article is a resource provided by Meta. Regarding your question, Make doesn’t currently have plans to create documentation for this issue because it originates from Meta’s end.

I only shared these pages as additional resources for context since they contain information on permissions and scopes.

If the information in this thread doesn’t address your issue, please feel free to open a ticket with us. Our support team has the necessary tools and access to potentially assist you further.


I had somehow the same issue with a “picture post” module.

Setting the module up from scratch just copying the instructions and settings, it worked…