Twitter upload API v2

Is there a way to upload images using the Twitter API v2?

Hello @Jose_Roldan

You can upload images with Create a Tweet (v2) module.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t work or I’m doing something wrong. with V1 you could choose what should be uploaded. I don’t have it with V2.

When I try to create a tweet I get the following message

with the V1 method it worked see picture that worked in the past

Maybe I can’t see the forest for the trees :grinning:

I definitely have the same problem. I’m not able to upload any media to Twitter under the new module.
I used to get an image from Instagram and to create a tweet with that. Now I’m not able any longer to retrieve the image.
Can someone help me? Thanks.

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I just see the following statement
’ In order to get Media IDs value, go to Twitter v5 app > Upload a Media and map Media IDs to here.’
which I’m keeping on asking myself what is meaning…


+1 for this issue, support would be great. It is not clear at all that this is possible with the new module.
edit: this resolved things for me, def an opportunity to update some documentation for this I want to connect to the Twitter app and post an image from Make - #4 by SaudiFootball.News

Am my setting wrong? the upload is work without linking the create a tweet. E.g. 2 image successful upload and return 2 IDs.

While “Create a Tweet”, i have add the Media IDs to it, it return with error 400.

I have also added 2 fallback link, still error.
Any idea on a working solution scenario for posting multiple images in a tweet.


Solution, how I do it.

How to connect your Twitter to make properly. Click on three images below

This doesn’t resolve the issue, make is unable to use the old api, they consistently go in circles when giving a reason to why it doesn’t work… ZAPIER still works and there’s no need to open a developer account, the OAUTH2 works perfectly fine… MAKE RESOLVE THE ISSUE… you have paying customers that you choose to neglect and leave in the dark

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@Halo_Status Zapier will discontinue and remove their Twitter integration per August 31st.