Unable to send as a Slack bot + stop the scenario from sending messages when there is no available data

Hi Makers :wave: Newbie here hitting giant blockers and would love to pick your brains!

I am trying to set up a Holiday Notice which will do the following everyday at a specific time:

  1. search for specific text “Run” showing up in Column K Today’s Notice within a sheet
  2. if there are one or more row that contain “Run” in their Column K Today’s Notice,
    2.1 Text Aggregator will grab the data row in Column Weekday in Post, Date in Post, Name, Countries, and combine them into a list like this:

Weekday in Post, Date in Post: Name for Country

2.2 and then send a Slack message to a private channel as a bot, in the format of:

[Holiday Notice]
If these holidays apply to you and you plan to work on those days, comment in the thread and tag your direct manager. Thank you and Happy Holidays! :confetti_ball:

  1. if there are NO cells contains the text “Run”, the operation will not proceed to Text Aggregator and therefore NOT send a Slack message

So this is what my workflow looks like right now:

And the settings here:

Currently I’m having problems with:

  1. Unable to send as a Slack bot. I could not find the private channel by selecting from a list (which is showing nothing), so I manually entered the channel ID. And then the operation comes back with “Error: channel_not_found (200)”.

  2. I can successfully send Slack messages as a user, BUT the search module and text aggregator failed to filter out the data which does not contain “Run”, and proceeded with processing the next step and ended up sending Slack messages with empty variables.

I’d love to your insights on how to solve these issues! Thanks in advance! :pray:

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Hi @Willa ,

I think I can help you with both your questions.

  1. Send messages as a bot
    Make sure you create your connection as a Slack bot.
    Before you select the private channel, first mention the bot in your slack channel and ‘Invite’ it.
    Once you did that, the private channel will become visible in your dropdown and you should be able to create messages.

  2. Stop processing when there are no results.
    To prevent the scenario from executing when there are no rows available in your document with the “Run” text in column K, add a filter right after the search module like this.

I hope it answers your questions.
Glenn - Callinetic


Hey Glenn, thank you so much for the solutions! They work! Totally forget I need to invite the Integromat app to the private channel. :woman_facepalming:

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