Unpacking Aggregated Data

Hi all,
I hope you’re well.

I’ve been trying to have a stab at the following automation over the past couple of days. I run a lead gen agency; my aim with this automation is to notify them each week:

  1. how many leads were generated, and
  2. the names of each lead generated.

The problem I’m having is with the last step. I have successfully—with a text aggregator—been able to write in the email step how many leads were generated and who they are. I’m able to send this email to each client. Yet I’m struggling to split the data based on each row, as you can see the data is currently split by client, but it just jumbles all the lead data together (a mixture of various company names, first names, etc.).

I’m wondering how it may be possible to split this by row.

Hi @David_Sinclair-Black

I would love to help but have insufficient info. Some questions I have

  • Some modules say ‘Sort’ in their name. What are these bundles doing? Are they only aggregating, or also grouping data? If so by what are they grouping?
  • How does the data structure of ‘leads generated’ and ‘affiliate with client’ look like?
  • What’s the current purpose of every iterator-aggregator combination?
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