Update Record

I have a watch record against Xero for when an invoice is marked paid.

On this trigger, the record in Zoho Creator is updated. As per the attached screenshot, I have a 404 error and it is showing a field as being “empty” that I am not even looking to update. Why would it be pulling this field marked “event address” into the equation when this isnt being updated or amended therefore would remain empty.

Hi. Try put an defulta value if this info not exist using the function IF Empty

{{ifempty(“YOUR MAPPED VALUE”; “default value here”)}}

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@Wemakefuture thanks for the response. My query is more around this particular field and why this being flagged as empty. This is a field in Creator that is not empty and is NOT being updated as part of the module. So why does it form part of the bundle. The only fields that are being updated in the module are “Client Paid” and “Client Payment Date”