Form Field in Bundle Issue

Why would the “Event Address” form field be appearing in this bundle when the field is not being updated as part of the module?

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Hi there, thank you for your post. We understand that you are having trouble with the “Event Address” form field appearing in this bundle when the field is not being updated as part of the module. Could you please provide us with more information about the issue you are experiencing so that our community members can help you better? We look forward to hearing from you. Stay tuned!

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

@Make_Community_Bot the issue appears to be from the form field “Event Address” appearing in this bundle as empty. This is a field that has no relevance to this module and is a field that is not being updated. The ‘Client Paid’ and ‘Client Payment Date’ are being updated when an invoice is paid in Xero.

Hi Stu. You need to determine where in the scenario the address is being lost. Go to the scenario history and click on the bubble above each individual module. This will show you the data that is being handled by each module and you will be able to see where it is going wrong. If the address is not reach ing the scenario then you need to look at the source of the data.

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Hi @Stu_Hartley , I can see from the image you shared that the error code is 404, this usually happens when the API URL is wrong because it was entered wrong, or it changed, could you indicate what is the action of the Zoho creator module that is used?

Also, you can get more details using the Integromat Dev Tools Chrome plugin, for example, you could know the URL of the Zoho API you are running and investigate if it has changed.

Integromat DevTool:

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