Update Zoho Creator Recird once Xero Invoice is 'Paid'

As per the screenshot, I have created an invoice in Zoho based on a trigger in Zoho Creator. As part of this same scenario, can the original Zoho Creator record be updated when the Xero invoice that we have just created is marked to ‘Paid’?

Or does this need to be a totally separate scenario? Basically, it would be adding another Watch Record in Xero after the invoice is created.

Let’s suppose the call to update the invoice is sintaxtically correct (I don’t see the error in your post), I guess could be one of the following reasons:

  • I don’t know Zoho Creator, but in Zoho Books the way you “update” an invoice to paid is creating a payment linked to the invoice. There (Zoho Books) you can not change the value of the property “status” directly.
  • Maybe needs to insert a sleep module to delay the creation and the update of the invoice.

Anycase, I don’t see any reason for not doing both acctions in one scenario.

@Domingo_Vallejo there is no call to update the invoice. The invoice is created by the module and when the invoice in Xero is manually marked to Paid, I am looking to then run the call to update the original Creator record to amend certain fields to “Paid”