Updating a Airtable record with Generated QR Code

I’m trying to use Make to automatically generate a QR Code from a URL in Airtable, but am not sure how to attach the generated file.

I am able to pull the URL from the record in Airtable, and the QR Code is generated successfully. I then want to add this image back to the same record in an attachment field. However, when updating an attachment field, Make asks for a URL instead of a file. Is there a way to add the file directly, or do I need to use an additional module to create a URL for the generated QR Code?

Hi there.

No, it’s not possible to add the file directly to Airtable by using their API. Their API requires only a URL if I’m not mistaken.

So, you can create an easy workaround in Make. Just upload the generated file to some cloud storage (Gdrive, Dropbox…). For both options, Make has a module that can create a “share link” which you can map to Airtable.