Watch history - trigger when a user visits a website link on my Webflow website

What is the best practise for listening page link visits on my Webflow Website?

I’m making membership website (Webflow+Memberstack+Make+Airtable). I want to create a watch history feature. For that anytime a user visits video template page, I want to save this in my Airtable database.

Currently, I’ve set up things in a way that user needs to submit a form. This would work for “Save for later” feature but for watch history, I need this to happen automatically.

Any ideas?

I checked the Webflow API documentation but I didn’t find an API Endpoint that would be able to manage to check how many users visited certain pages. Try to contact directly Webflow support if it is possible via API and if yes then which API Endpoint to use for it. Then you can set up the Make an API Call module.

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