Webflow CMS - Creating live item with two available domains


unfortunately I am struggeling with the webflow module when trying to create live CMS items, receiving the following error message:

Error message:


Webflow domain settings:


Would anyone know a solution? Is there any specific way in adding a short code snippet in addition to the “live” to ensure it directly publishes it to furrypaws.webflow.io?


Thank you very much for any help!!

Happy building!

Hi @jeromemakesit
On my side there is no picture included. Can you please check your post?

Hi @makeitfuture,

thank you for flagging, hope it is visible now!

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Actually managed to fix it myself, was super easy… I just added an additional module which publishes the site where you can actually manually enter to which domain it publishes:



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Hi @jeromemakesit welcome to the community :wave:

Awesome work figuring this out on your own and thanks a lot for returning to the community with the solution! This could big time help someone in the future :pray: