Webflow staging workaround without breaking Make and Zapier

I am trying to figure out the best way to test changes I make to my Webflow site on a staging environment without breaking my Make and Zapier integrations on the production site due to “site is published to different domains…” error, which makes my live site unusable.

I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find any good workarounds.

For now when I want to test changes I…

Duplicate my Webflow project
Make edits to the duplicate site
Publish the duplicate site to a new domain
Duplicate my Make, Zapier, Memberstack, etc. integrations and map them to the new domain
Test the changes on the duplicate domain
Manually recreate all changes on my production Webflow site
Publish to the production domain
If changes don’t work I need to manually undo them (I keep a literal list) because restoring from backup breaks the CMS IDs and breaks all my Make and Zapier integrations

Needless to say, this process isn’t optimal.

Has anyone found a better way to test changes on staging without breaking Make or Zapier?

e.g. is there some way to publish my duplicate site to the production site domain?

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