Webflow Mapping error

Hi, I now suddenly get error when trying to map Site IDs for Webflow modules.
[404] RouteNotFoundError: Route not found: /collections/

See screenshot. Even if I select first, then swap to mapping, I still get the error. Doing it this way makes me see a valid ID there.

Any ideas?

Hi @Kjetil_Treffsikker

Please map the site manually using the map button. Once selected, toggle the map button to see the ID. Then confirm if you have input the proper Site ID or not.

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Thanks for the reply, but this is actually what I already did when I produced the screenshot.

Any other ideas?

I find it strange that you can actually map site id when performing actions like creating items. According to webflow API documentation you donā€™t need Site ID in the request, only Collection ID and Item Id.