What are the criteria for Airtable fields to sync to Woocommerce?

:footprints: Link Airtable OK, Link Woocommerce OK, but not all fields

Good morning,
I managed to configure Airtable and Woocommerce and then create a scenario…

The functions seem to work but I have some field errors which I have ignored for the moment because I don’t know the reason to solve.

For example: I have a “TAG” field that I mapped with an Airtable field, this is a field with selection, I thought that was the reason and changed it to “text” fields ", but it has not been resolved.

Perhaps, is there a particular way to encode this type of field in Airtable so as not to have an error?

I would also like to have the same information on the criteria to be respected in Airtable for a good synchronization in Woocommerce with the following fields: Category, tags, featured images, image gallery…

These are important fields to save time :wink:

Thank you in advance for your follow up.

For exemple i have this error for tags, pictures featured, category,…
Invalid parameter(s): tags

Hi there Mark.

Could you share some screenshots of the modules’ settings/mapping? Or, would it be possible to create a screen-recording video that shows and describes the issues in detail?