What the maximum event count does

I’m creating a connection bwtween calendly and many chat, i select scheduling link, above the connection there is a box of maximum event count, i want to know what it does. It says “The maximum number of events that can be scheduled using this scheduling link” but i don’t undertand it well.
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Below the field, it says:

The maximum number of events that can be scheduled using this scheduling link

Could you tell us which words you do not understand?

The “Maximum Event Count” is like a limit on the number of events everyone can schedule/create using this particular scheduling link. If the maximum event count is, let’s say, 10, it means others can use that link to create up to 10 events. Once this limit is reached by everyone combined, others can no longer use this link.

If you are not sure what to insert into this field, and/or you want it to be used unlimited times, simply put a large number like 999999


Thank you, it’s a pleasure to receive you knowlodge, i was thinking it was per user.


No problem, glad I could help!

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