Whatsapp Watch Event doesn't work

Hello, I have tried setting up Whatsapp Watch Event trigger.

I am at the point where I generated Temporary Key(it is still active) in Meta, added and configured Webhook + Token in Meta, I have added the same Token in Whatsapp trigger in Make.com.
I have Unchecked all the fields configuring the trigger.

Now I would like to test it, I click run once but nothing happens, no reaction no matter what I do, trigger is just waiting for anything to happen.

What am I doing wrong? I configured webhook connection in Meta in Webhook section and had no errors.

However there is Whatsapp section which might be needed? I cannot configure it, it returns an error like on the image below, I made sure to use the same Webhook address and Token as previously.

Hello @Tyburek_Dawid ,

Here is an article that will help you connect the WhatsApp application with Make.


Then you could easily setup the Watch Event module in Make.