When ID matches count - trigger an action


I’m currenty bringing in data from Jotform which includes the colum headings (screen shot inc)

‘House ID’ and ‘members in household’

The ‘House ID’ is a unique mix of characters that are assigned to all connected memebers of a household

The ‘Members in household’ will always be a number

I’m trying to find a way to achieve the following


‘House ID’ equals the number of ‘members in household’

All the data included from the rows with the matching ID’s is sent to a google doc (this bit I think i’ve worked out how to do )

To give this some context -

The first ‘House ID’ that enters the datastore will always have the ‘members in household’ count on the same row

So I need a formula look’s for when the ‘House ID’ count matches the ‘members in household’ and then triggers the data to be sent

I’ve only recently started using Make and have limited technical knowledge so please forgive if my vocablary isn’t correct


just put a filer on House ID equls Members in household. It should work.

It doesn’t unfortunalty, hunt for the solution goes on.