Why do I only have 2 outputs when searching through google sheets?

I’m trying to search through a google sheet (Find a contact) which then sends a push notification to my phone with the contacts who work for a specific company.

However these are the only options i have are total number of bundles and bundle order position. When i run the scenario I can see in the log the information is there, i just dont know how to access it for the next step?

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 02.14.42

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What happens when you right-click the module and select “Run this module only”, manually insert the values, and then run it?

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It works, I’ve attached a screenshot below. You can see it brings back the info I’m after “with answer wanted”, I just dont know how to add that to the push notification.

Very new to make.com sorry if I’m being dumb!

You should be able to manually type in the direct reference to the variable, something like this:

{{ 33.1 }}

(33 being the module number)


Ah it worked, amazing thanks so much


No problem, glad I could help!

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