Why is make support taking so long to get back to me?

I opened a ticket like 2-3 weeks ago and make support hasn’t gotten back to me at all, they have sent 2 from those emails with the subject We Haven’t Forgotten About You, but it’s ridiculously long time to get back to a request

They must be experiencing a high volume of tickets/support requests.

I am waiting for a reply to a ticket too.

The ‘high volume’ cop-out, in my opinion. Slow response time = hire more staff.

Hello @Brettlewis

Thanks for raising this here in the community :pray:

I’m really sorry to hear that it took our support team some time to get back to you, and I apologize for any trouble and headaches caused by the delay. I’m glad to see that you’re now in contact with one of our agents, and I’m confident that together you’ll be able to resolve the issue.

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