Will the recent Twitter announcement re API pricing affect Make?

Will the recent Twitter announcement regarding API pricing affect Make?

Especially concerned about existing running scenarios.

Of course it will affect the Make app. You will need to purchase a plan and your existing scenarios most likely will stop functioning if you don’t. The Make Twitter app may even need to be updated, but that’s uncertain.

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I think you misread or misinterpreted my question.

I’ve had a paid Integromat plan and moved to a paid Make plan from the start.

I understand from previous updates from Make (when Twitter was made a “premium” app) that Make’s Twitter integration app uses the Twitter API. I’m not aware that the Make Twitter integration makes use of a user’s free Twitter API calls.

Perhaps you could reread my question and provide a relevant response. :slight_smile:

Your context was not in the original post though.

When I said purchase a plan, I meant purchase a paid Twitter API plan, not Make.

I don’t think the Twitter app in Make will be able to make any free Twitter API calls, since there will be no free Twitter API any longer.

I created a test scenario to run on Feb 10 at 8:25am to see if it breaks then as I do not have a paid Twitter API plan on my authenticated account.

Back in 2020, when Integromat made the decision to make Twitter a premium app, part of the reasoning given was to abide by Twitter’s API rules and spam considerations. It was strongly implied, if not made 100% clear, that the Twitter app in integromat would make use of a premium Twitter API access and the API calls would go through the integromat app. That does seem to be born out by the connection process and authorization for the integromat app in Twitter.

By that reasoning, it would be right to expect that Make/Integromat would absorb any costs since customers are already paying for this (and it’s not even clear yet if Twitter premium API costs will increase).

It would seem odd if it turned out that Integromat’s Twitter app simply relayed a to the user’s Twitter account for API calls if Integromat made claims to the opposite in 2020.

Perhaps it’s best to wait until an official Make representative can comment?

We could be waiting a while. All will be revealed on Feb 9/10th or so when the Twitter app either keeps working or breaks waiting for a paid account.

Zapier support has emailed us and said their platform (for paid users) won’t be affected. Let’s just hope Make’s stance is the same.

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Make team, can we get a response on this?

We tried to contact Make support a number of times. After five days they responded:

“I am sorry but we didn’t get more information from Twitter than you so at this time we don’t have any information. We are on it with developers to find a way how to solve this matter and we will notify you asap.”

That response was 6 days ago.

So, since there didn’t seem to be any other option, we copied over all our Twitter-reliant operations onto Zapier and Buffer who have both announced they will be unaffected. We’ve kept the (now) dormant scenarios on Make in the hope they have actually paid for the enterprise API access that they strongly implied they had secured back when the Integromat Twitter module was made “premium” only two or three years ago.

Hey everyone @here :wave: Thanks a lot for bringing this up in the community.

Our Twitter app functions through Twitter Standard API v1.1 so changes to other Twitter APIs do not affect us. At the same time, we currently don’t have any information about changes to Twitter Standard API v1.1 and our app continues working as before. If we learn about any new developments in the situation, we’ll make sure to update everyone.

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Hi Michaela, I noticed that Twitter is now listed as a premium app. Is that a change since Twitter cut off free API access? Does that mean that Make is providing the API key, or do users have to bring their own API credentials to use Twitter integrations?

Hello @lc thanks for raising these questions!

Twitter has been a premium app on Integromat/Make for quite a while now so no, this is not related to Twitter’s recent decision to cut off free API access.

I’d like to inform you that Make will not be providing any key. Please note that in order to use Twitter on Make, you need API access from your Twitter account. If there’s a fee associated with this access, payment is necessary and not handled on our end.