Will the recent Twitter announcement re API pricing affect Make?

I don’t understand what is going on here. It seems @Bruno_T you and Make.com are ignoring the reality. Even though I haven’t done anything with Twitter API yet I know about what @schoolreadinglist writes.

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This email was sent out on Friday to all Make org owners:

We’ve just released a new version of the Twitter app in Make based on the most recent Twitter API 2.0. Please update your Twitter scenarios by following the steps below:

1. Register your own Twitter app using API v2.

2. Create a new connection to Twitter from within Make.

3. Upgrade your Twitter modules to the newest version by clicking on a green upgrade icon with white arrows.

Please note that in order to use all modules within the updated Twitter app, you will need at least the Twitter API v2 Basic access. If you have the Twitter API v2 Free access, only the Create a Tweet module will be available.

Unfortunately, due to Twitter rules and limitations, the modules listed below are not available in the new version :

● Watch Likes

● Retweet a Tweet

● Like / Unlike a Tweet

● Make an API call

Additionally, the new Twitter API v2 does not currently support uploading media, but you can still upload media using the Create a Tweet (v2) module in the Twitter (legacy) app v1. This module will continue to work based on the old API beyond any announced changes.

⚠️ With the release of the new version, the rest of the old modules are no longer fully supported. To avoid any issues with your scenarios, we recommend updating your modules as soon as possible.

That’s at least $1200 per year for the Twitter API subscription on top of the Make.com subscription - all for massively less functionality than before.

How come Zapier seems unaffected by this? What isn’t being said here?


Zapier is re-classifying the Twitter app as a Premium app as part of the changes. So you’re basically having to pay them more to use it, and they’re probably covering the new costs by doing that.

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I already have - and it wasn’t $1200 extra per year. So the question is, if Zapier can do it, why not Make?

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So… Is this it? I assumed we were waiting on Make to acquire an enterprise license or something similar. if not, and this is what everyone has been waiting on, I’ll have our team pull the trigger on an in-house solution right now.

My dev guys have built a solution that evades using the official Twitter API entirely. Just need to systematize it to scale.


In-house solution is online and working. Free and doesn’t even require the Twitter API to get the same functionality with 5x higher rate limits.

Not sure who is at fault for this mess, the Make team for not properly executing a transition and/or communicating it, or Twitter for not allowing Make to get an enterprise license, but we can’t go any longer and lose any more money.

If the new Twitter app which does way less and requires you to pay for the Twitter API at the same time is the best we’re going to get, it’s so far from cutting it.

Equally happy and sad to say Goodbye to Make. :v:

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After waiting several months I thought Make would have an enterprise license for their paying customers to use, but I’m still waiting and what I see is that it’s the paying customers who have to pay for our own API on Twitter to use basic features like listing tweets posted by an account. :man_shrugging:

The truth is that I am quite disappointed in this sense, I don’t know the reason because in other automating tools it is already included in the paid version.

At some point will Make have an enterprise license of the Twitter API?