Woocommerce custom order statuses not displaying in module

Hi there,

I operate a Woocommerce store and manage orders on Click Up. We use custom status’s to manage our workflows.

Woocommerce orders are automatically imported into Click up as tasks with the order information and I want to make it so that when I update a task on Click up, it automatically updates the order status on Woocommerce.

I also use the Woocommerce custom status manager plug in (as required by Make.com) HOWEVER none of my custom status’s appear in the “update an order status” module. I am not sure how to set up my scenario now.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

You might need to Update an Order instead of Update an Order Status. What are the available fields in both modules?


The Update an Order module shows more fields relating to customer information however I only want to update the order status.

Both modules only show Woocommerce’s core statuses and not my custom status.

Basically, I want to update an woocommerce order to a custom status set. But the custom statuses do not show in the woocommerce module? Is there a way i can do this?

How did you set up the custom statuses using the “Order Status Manager plugin”? Can you share screenshots of it?

You might need to contact Woocommerce support since the Woocommerce Order Status Manager plugin is required by Woocommerce and not Make.com. Woocommerce will have more information about this requirement.