Zoho CRM - Watch objects - hitting the 50 fields limit - Workaround?

Hi everyone,
Zoho’s CRM API call for getting objects has a built it query paramters called “fields”.

Here’s the relevant API doc from Zoho.

Sadly, this parameter isn’t support on the “Watch objects” module on Make.

This leads to hitting the 50 fields limit rather easily, as we’re fetching fields we don’t need.

Has anyone found a workaround, other than making an API call which requires a lot of “background” work to filter relevant objects?

Check with Zoho Support, because Making an API call is the ultimate option. However, it is quite easy in Make because the Zoho CRM module has inbuilt Make an API call action. So you don’t have to bother about connection and other settings.

Just put your query.

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Yeah, making the API call isn’t the problem.
The question is how do you configure the call to fetch only the new objects?

I face the same issues and the make.com support didn’t respond my tickets two days ago :frowning:

Maybe we will stay at zapier…