[401] Access denied: Required scope: scenarios:write

Can anyone tell me how to properly connect to a make module?

I know how to make a read and write api key, when I follow the instructions given by make help https://www.make.com/en/help/apps/process-management/make#get-a-scenario , I also have read and write permissions checked, yet when I launch the module shown in the photo above I get an error still.

When it asks in the link above for an Environmental URL ID in step 10 via the link above under get a scenario section, what is that link? Is that the whole link in the browswer I’m in, or is that another scenario or make.com url link? Also is the link supposed to be partial like this : https://us1.make.com is that what it’s asking for, or like this: https://us1.make.com/111111##########(removed for privacy reasons)######, I’m not sure what exactly they are asking for when it comes to the “environmental url”.

If anyone knows the step by step to this, the help information on the make website link above is not helpful in this case.

hi. the make API documentation can be found here

it should have everything you need.

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Thanks for that reference Iain, I might check that out. I wasn’t planning on reading a hundred pages for a specific answer, however. Do you happen to have specific knowledge to the problem I described above?

you don’t need to read everything - it is broken down into specifics so you can find the relevant information easily. The set up is listed on the first page. It contains the answer to what you are looking for AND the problems that you will likely encounter in the next step. Here is a copy and paste…

The root URL of the Make API consists of three parts and looks as follows:

Environment URL
The environment of Make you work in. This can be the link to your private instance of Make, for example, https://development.make.cloud, or the link to Make (with or without the zone, depending on a specific endpoint), for example, https://eu1.make.com.

Always use HTTPS in your API requests.

API version
The version of the API preceded by /api/

Endpoint (with or without parameters)
Each endpoint represents a resource that you can work with. Endpoints contain required and/or optional parameters. The resources are described in detail in Make resources.

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Great! After overviewing that page, I was just a bit intimidated. Now I appreciate your help even more. Thank you.


no probs. we’ve all been there.