Acuity New/Updated Instant Watch Trigger


For the New/Updated Acuity Scheduling instant/acid trigger module, what are the returned “actions”?

Are they scheduled/changed or scheduled/updated/canceled?

Thank you

Hi. I figured out to look at my Acuity webhook queue since my scenario is not active yet.

The returned “action” types are scheduled/changed/rescheduled/canceled.

Heya @Nathan_Atkinson :wave:

just wanted to step in and congratulate you on coming up with your own solution! We are stoked to see Makers figuring out ways to fix their issues.

Thank you very much for sharing your ideas with us. This way our community stays clean and neat for others. :herb:

The returned action status codes do not seem to be consistent. Since the Acuity Schedule Watch module uses an instant/acid webhook, I need to do an Accuity appoint search with the returned ID anyway and will use that information instead.