Acuity Scheduling Automations /label


I’m trying to create a new automation based on simple knowledge. It seems to be a bit trickier than I thought.

Simple explanation of the automation:

Whenever an appointment of a specific calendar changes its status. A label printer should print some informations from the appointment. I.e. when we changes “Label” on an appointment to a specific color, a papper will be printed.

I work In a bike workshop, and whenever a customer comes in with its bike and we change the label on the appointment to a specific color or ID, a papper will be printed for us to put on the bike.

This automation should have a first module that’s acid and instant. It should listen to whenever a label is changed and output the color and/or ID of the changed appointment and then format some fields like, Name, appointment type, Notes etc. Then it should put the data in a pre configured print template and print it on paper from a label printer.

I’ve tried the AI function without any help.


Acuity has a “Watch Appointments” trigger module.

You’ll just need to filter by the changed event type, fetch the event, and then use another filter to check for a set label.


So first a module with watch on event type change and then sen a get response? I have it like this for now, it displays all labels on appointments, and I would like it to only send me an output on the label color or id of the changed appointment.

Hey did you manage to get this working? What kind of printer are you using for this?