Airtable: Extracting multiple related record data from single cell, iterating over it

Can someone point me to a relevant tutorial?

I have Table with items called Industry

for every Industry item I have 20 related links to a different item in a different table called Vehicles(general). (so thats 20 vehicles items)

I want to then perform operation on every data from that For every industry item and all of it’s 20 vehicles to create 10+ records in a new table called Vehicles(specific) that are linked to the Vehicles(general) that are linked to specific industry.

So in the end for example i have 10 different industries which gives (10x20 Vehicles General) which gives (10x20x10+) Vehicles(specific) all linked to their respective parent elements.

Can someone point me to a relevant tutorial( please do not give generic out of context tutorials to array or iterator)

Thank You!

Here is the closest explanation I got to this challenge:

I’ve been able to get a couple of items but now when watching records from Vehicles(general) table but now how do i get a corresponding industries and match them?