Airtable issues for OAuth and personal tokens


Does anyone else have issues with Airtable when trying to connect with OAuth or personal tokens ?

I have encountered the following issues

  1. Personal tokens are not recognized
  2. OAuth is not registering on Airtable and is not granted permissions in order to update records

Any suggestions ?

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After a couple of months with no issues, I’ve started having a problem in that Airtable is revoking the Make access due to security concerns. I have to reconnect and reauthorise. I have shared the information with Make Help

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I have this same issue. Make gave me a BS response about some connections needing a renewal, etc.

This seems like something that should be handled by the integration automatically. Our only way to keep this connected is to be constantly clicking reauthorize manually? Otherwise it’s just going to randomly die. If I don’t happen to be available to renew this manually, then a bunch of things will break.

Make, please fix this. It’s a typical thing for OAuth services to need token renewal. Just refresh these tokens automatically every day. There’s no reason not to so long as the integration is meant to exist.