Hello everyone!!!

Please if you can help me, I need to create a scenario where OpenAI analyzes a document uploaded to Airtable DB. The idea is that OpenAi identifies a set of characteristics required to approve the text, these characteristics are also found in the same airtable database. The start of the process will be triggered by a webhook once the airtable record changes condition (this stage is already developed).
My doubt is in the setting of OpenAI to execute this task, as well as to identify if the Airtable modules (in Make) must go before and after the process to be executed by OpenAI.


Hey @Marcelo_Gomez, if you haven’t figured this out yet it definitely sounds doable if you have the right setup for your GPT assistant. Since there aren’t many specifics, it just takes time to develop your AI assistant, and having that produce accurate results takes verification over a short period. Since there are no characteristics provided it’s hard to tell if OpenAI would struggle with the request.

Since the topic is quite broad, I could happily be of more help with more details. If you need a full-fledged way to produce this solution you can book a free consultation with my company and we’d be happy to review the idea for you and later bring it to life.

Hello @Nathan_Kind

This is just a friendly note that the general space of the Make Community primarily focuses on collaborative problem-solving rather than hiring professional services.

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@Michaela, my apologies. I thought I did offer a way for collaboration, the topic was so broad that specifics were needed and I thought offering a free call or video chat would help solve the issue quicker if it came to it. Otherwise, I did propose the poster submit more information for me to help on the thread. I will be more cautious about how I word that in the future. Thanks for the heads up.

Anyone ever figure out how to do this? I wish to do the same for analysis of a document uploaded via a form.