🔥 App Spotlight: WhatsApp Business Cloud on Make

Hey Makers

:tada: Today, I’m coming in with some exciting news to share with the community. The much anticipated WhatsApp Business Cloud is available on all plans in Make :tada:

:books: Why continue reading?

Because you can connect to our WhatsApp Business Cloud modules and start exploring the full potential of the leading messaging channel in the world.

:man_construction_worker: Ready to start building?

Create memorable customer experiences and scale your communications with Make modules that include:

  • Watching events, sending messages, and using templated messages
  • Uploading and downloading media (text, image, audio, video, location, contacts, stickers)
  • Enabling two-step verification, registering, verifying, and deregistering senders
  • Retrieving and updating business profiles (business address, contact details)

Helpful Links:
WhatsApp on Make
WhatsApp in Help Center
How to connect the WhatsApp Business Cloud Video


I followed the steps, registered a business number, permanent token.
Followed the exact steps in the video.
However, if i run the module ‘send a message’: no message got send, and no error message.
(I do receive the Hello_world message generated in the “Meta’s developer console”)

More people facing the same issue?

Update Solved:
Apparently, it is not possible to send messages to random numbers with which you have no history as it would be a huge security risk. Therefore, a prerequisite for being able to send a message to a number seems to be that this number has texted you back at least once.

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Hey, I am experiencing the same as you.

  • The hello_world message arrives
  • The scenario runs without errors.
  • No message arrives
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Such a cool feature. Hope this issue gets addressed soon. Messages are not sending.

Not a security risk per se as much as a way to eliminate spam. This app is built around the notion of responding to incoming chats rather than spamming outbound chats. Thank goodness.

Maybe this still works?

I’ve not used WA business in this context, but via Twilio and the live chat app we use (crisp.chat) using it’s built in integration…

  1. We can reply to a message sent to us by a customer, no longer than 24 hours ago - the client needs to however initiate the conversation. If after the 24 hour window, the message doesn’t get delivered (which is a challenge over weekends). We use email as a fall-back. This 24 hour limit is the same with FB messenger for a client originated conversation.

  2. You can set up a set of predefined and preauthorised ‘template’ messages, to initiate conversations. These need to be pre-vetted. You could use these for transactional updates etc. But you cannot just kick off random conversations. (Caveat : I’m speaking theoretically - I’ve never done this myself for my business). We use the use case above, to respond to customers via our livechat via whatsapp.

When I send a message to the number I have saved in WhatsApp Business iCloud, I get the following response.

"Your message could not be delivered. This business can’t chat with phone numbers with your country code.

تعذّر تسليم رسالتك. لا يمكن لهذا النشاط التجاري الدردشة مع أرقام هواتف تحمل رمز بلدك.

پیام شما نمی‌تواند رسانده شود. این کسب‌وکار نمی‌تواند با شماره تلفن‌هایی که دارای کد کشور شما هستند، گفتگو کند.

Не удалось доставить ваше сообщение. Эта компания не может вести чат с телефонными номерами с кодом вашей страны.

Mesajınız teslim edilemedi. Bu işletme, ülkenizin telefon koduna sahip telefon numaralarıyla sohbet edemiyor."

As far as I know sending messages to Turkey is not available.
Merhaba bildiğim kadarıyla +90’lı numaralara mesaj gönderilmiyor.

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