Assistance Getting Xero Attachment into Glide Table

I am looking for assistance to complete my scenario.
I have Xero accounts payable invoices submitted for approval being watched in Make. A record is being added to my Glide table to record the “Bill” via an HTTP Make A Request.
I have this part of the scenraio working and the record is being added successfully - I need help to access the file that is attached to the Xero Bill, and upload it to the new record created in Glide table. Can any one assist?


I’d be happy to help you out. We can have a look at the file upload during an online meeting where we fix this and eventually any other issues you may have. Feel free to schedule a session here: Schedule your Hands-On Make Support Session. If I can’t help, you don’t pay.
Let me know in case you would like more date options to choose from.