Need help building Xero <> Airtable scenarios

Hi I need some help with a few scenarios, I want xero bills and attachments into Airtable and Airtable tags in xero and am having some issues with the scenarios.

Hey @Noel_Bolger, just wanted to let you know that I moved your question to the Q&A space which is the best place to get assistance from the community. If you’re looking for a pro to build these scenarios for you, feel free to post this to the Marketplace category.

Hello @Noel_Bolger ,

Not sure if there is anything specific about this that you are having issues with but in case…

For Bills and attachments, there are 2 ways you can get this into Airtable. You can either use the “Xero Watch Records Module” in Make or you could use a “Custom App” in Xero to trigger a webhook when a bill is created or updated in Xero, the latter happening instantly and being the most efficient.

Again not sure what you intend of using this for but getting tags from Airtable to Xero you could use tracking categories. Keep in mind that this happens at a line item level and you might need to either poll airtable for new tags that are added or create an Airtable automation to trigger a webhook at the appropriate time.

Please let me know if you have other specific things you are struggling with or feel free to DM me if you feel that would be more appropriate.


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