Building a Make Portfolio

Hello! Im in the process of learning, as we all are; I aim to put together a portfolio of revenue driving automations that i can market. My question is: How can i put together a portfolio that demonstrates value without having all of the software accounts with data that shows the workflows being executed? Eg. I dont have an airtable account with data… I dont have a biz needing docusign but i want to show i know how to use it… etc etc etc for all apps

I have thought about using a third party like lucidchart to map it out; but that only shows the conceptual side, not necessarily “under the hood”;;


I think the only real way to do this is to sign up to free or ‘first tier’ subscriptions. Alternatiely you could try and ask for a demo/sandbox account (if they exist for the app) if you are going to be a reseller/promoter…