🪄 Column Magic✨ -- A New monday.com Marketplace App

I know not everyone here is a monday.com user. But since most of the functionality in our app relies on Make scenarios I wanted to share here.

:magic_wand: Column Magic :sparkles:

The app provides powerful, easy-to-use recipes delivering enhanced functionality for monday board columns.


:magic_wand: Copy values between columns, including to other boards using mirror columns
:magic_wand: Set a status if REQUIRED COLUMNS are empty
:magic_wand: Perform mathematical calculations
:magic_wand: Remove “(copy)” from duplicated items
:magic_wand: Assign acting user to people column
:magic_wand: Push a date keeping the time (even push by hours or minutes)
:magic_wand: Clear mirror columns
:magic_wand: When a file is uploaded or deleted, set a status
:magic_wand: Create an update if REQUIRED COLUMNS are empty
:magic_wand: Expand team members to a people column
:magic_wand: Set column value to BOARD or GROUP name
:magic_wand: Set a status when specific words are found in a text column
:magic_wand: REMOVE specific words from a text column
:magic_wand: Control column updates with simple APPROVE / DENY functionality

Click here for the marketplace

monday.com users can install below

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Jim - The Monday Man


monday.com is heavily used on Make so this is certainly relevant!

Thanks so much for sharing @JimTheMondayMan and kudos on using Make in order to create this app.

Keep up the awesome work :clap:

Thank you @Michaela!

So far it’s going great!

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