Connect so that when Paypal payment is received, Wave Accounting records as income?

Hi all! I couldn’t seem to find any existing forum topics about Paypal & Wave for this type of connection in Make. I’m new at this and wanted to make sure what I’ve set up seems correct, so figured I reach out and see if anyone could give me some guidance/ let me know if I’ve made mistakes.

Why I’d Like to Set Up This Connection:

I receive my ecommerce store payments in Woocommerce via Paypal paments, and use Wave Accounting for my bookkeeping. So right now, if someone purchases something, my store captures a Paypal payment, and I see the successful payment transactions show up in my Paypal business account. But I have to manually add my Paypal business payments into Wave for my bookkeeping because they don’t have any built-in integration between the two currently in the Wave app.

I’d like to set up a connection so that when I receive a payment FROM some source into my Paypal account (like my webstore), the transaction info (the payment amount, date, description, etc.) is automatically recorded into Wave Accounting as an income transaction for my business.

What I’ve Done So Far:

I asked the Make AI Help Bot for guidance, and it suggested I use the “Watch custom app payments” trigger for Paypal for this, and the Wave “Create an income/expense” action.

I created a live (non sandbox) REST API app in my Business PayPal Developer settings. I generated the ID and secret key, and seemed to have successfully connected in the Make settings box.

I also seemed to have successfully connected my Wave Account to Make, and all the correct organization categories I already have in my Wave account are showing up in the dropdowns for me to select.

So I’ve selected the business ID I want the income recorded to (Ryanne Levin Art), put the type as “Income” (other option is “expense”), selected how I want the income to be categorized (from my existing category types in Wave), and the cash account I want it recorded under.

For the Amount, Date, and Description fields, a popup box showed up when I clicked in the field, and I selected the variables from the list it provided that I believe are probably appropriate??

I have the scheduling turned on to run immediately as data arrives.


I am also not using any filters or conditions between the trigger and action.

So I guess my questions are:

  • Did the AI suggest the correct Paypal trigger type for me? Is it only looking at payments I’m receiving (like I want), not payments I’m sending out? There was another Paypal trigger type related to transactions so I was confused if what the AI suggested was correct or not.

  • Are the variables I’m using for the “Amount”, “Date”, and “Description” fields in the Wave Make settings the correct ones to choose?

  • Do any settings or anything look incorrect for what I’m trying to do?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide to this newbie! :smile:

hello sir yes we can do that but how can i connect with you