Convert/assign selection from a clickup dropdown list from a number to text

I have a dashboard in clickup with a dropdown selection for “country”. Clickup passes the list number rather than the text to make. For instance instead of “United States” (which is the option selected in the dropdown list) clickup passes along 237, which is the order United States appears in the dropdown list. How can I assign a text variable for each number from that field, or what is the best way to handle this type of probelm? Thanks in advance!

Hi @BlackSparrow

I think the data is not coming as text value, but most cases you can get it as text.
However if not please make a switch module to convert number to corresponding text value.

If the issue still persists, please make a loom with the issue, so we can analyze it quickly.

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The switch module worked great. Thanks.

Heya @BlackSparrow :wave:

Great to see that you were able to get this up and running with the help of @Msquare_Automation :clap:

Just FYI: I marked the comment suggesting the switch function as a solution. This way, folks searching for similar info in the future will know where to look and the community will stay neat and tidy :broom: