Creation Notion Database Items from New Calendar Entries in Office 365


I am working on a scenario to create new Notion database items from a newly created calendar events in Office 365. My first module is configured to monitor my Office 365 Calendar by created time. Everything is working except the module is pulling all of my old events since 2014+ and not just newly created ones. I set up a filter to only process the events after a certain date, but it is still using time and operations to execute and filter on old events every time I restart the scenario.

I am wondering if there is a way to configure it to only process new events after the scenario is started.

Thanks in advance.

Right click module and select choose where to start : Then Select “From Now On”


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Hello - thanks. That setting is already as you suggested but it is still pulling in old events.

Hello - just an update. I played around a bit with those settings an it appears to be working. Thanks for your help.