Updating Microsoft 365 Calendar events from Notion

New user, possibly a simple fix.

We have a scenario that adds an event/task from the Notion database to the Microsoft 365 Calendar every time the scenario is run. However, we are unsure how to set it up so it updates every time we update the event/task in Notion.

For example, we set up a simple test task in Notion, for April 6th, and once the scenario ran, it was added to the Calendar. Now, when we updated the task in Notion, by changing the date to the 7th, it remained the same in the Calendar.

First and foremost, we are not sure how to update an “event”, as it is asking us for an event ID and we do not know where to get that.
Secondly, we are unsure how to check if and event/task was updated in Notion. What are we missing? How to translate the update onto Calendar?

It would help us a lot if someone could tell us our mistake. Thanks in advance and have a great day!

The following screenshot shows what we came up with. The error is due to not having an Event ID.

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To update something (an event), you’ll first need to search for the item’s id.

Does the integration have a search-type module you can use?